We generally use Wildwood Mfg. bodies and necks, along with the occasional small-builder
bodies made from pine, alder and lightweight paulownia.

We use Klein, Don Mare, Lindy Fralin, Seymour Duncan and Throbak Pickups;
Glendale Parts, and other high-quality parts for our guitar builds.

Custom paintjobs on some models are made possible by
the amazing psychedelic craft of Willard Snow. Join the select group of
original owners of the Bunnynose Guitars Willardcasters !!


Each guitar is a unique instrument, there isn’t another one like it anywhere.
It was built, perhaps for me - built to be loved, by anyone not looking for an
anonymous, factory-perfect production-line product. Inherent in the process may
be some cosmetic imperfections, although structurally, each guitar
is a solid player for a working musician.

My design concept is to create guitars that look like they are old, have
been your favorite and have acquired a well-worn visual appearance
without phony relicing. It has been built to amaze and set up by an artist to intonate
correctly and play with comfortable action. That said, most people have their own idea
of what an optimal setup is and we encourage you to have your own guy set it up
after you receive it if you desire.


Your guitar will come with a Bunnynose Guitars business card
with our contact information. You will find full particulars of your guitar;
i.e., body source, neck info, pickup info, electronics info on the back of the card.
Keep this card. However, should you lose it, you can always contact us for a digital facsimile.

2) This guitar is sold ‘as-is’ with no warranties, except:

Bunnynose Guitars warrants repairs for any manufacturer’s defects of any original
electrical parts (pickups, switch, pots, wiring) for six monthsfrom date
of purchase, unless the damage has been done in the process of attempting to
augment the originally sold guitar. All transportation costs will be borne by the buyer.
Warranty does not apply to finish to the body or neck, or to
any issues pertaining to the neck itself.

Email me if you have a guitar you've been dreaming of owning.
We can build it for you at a price you'll like.









Don Mare Pickups










Bluebell spacer#2 "Bluebell"


Barry spacer#3 "Barry"


Slideyspacer#4 "Slidey"



Greeny spacer#5 "Greeny 1"

readyspacer#6 "Ready"


Clocky spacer#7 "Clocky"
hear it played directly into a '62 Vibrolux 1x12. No effects.

Owner testimonial: Mark Wright: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"


Surfyspacer#8 "Surfy" STOLEN


#9 "Willard 1"

Angelo Metz demos "The Willard" here

Owner testimonial: Jeremy Mohler: “guitar came in today brotha looks awesome, feels awesome
everything i can ask for man! great work you two! hell yeah man its beastly sounds and
plays like a dream got 0 complaints all frets feel perfect
tell willard i said he's the motha *uckin man “

Greeny2 #10 "Greeny 2"

Owner Testimonial: Big Country Boy (Ed Dodson): “Great guitar. Put a little steel wool to the back of the neck and now it's
slicker than deer guts on a door knob. The Antiquity sounds great.”


blacky2 #11 "Blacky 2"
Mark G. Pritchard demos Blacky 2 here


Yellabrownspacer#12 "Yellabrown" NOT FOR SALE


Willard No. 2spacer#13 "Willard No. 2" NOT FOR SALE


Willard 3 #14 "Willard No. 3"
Owner testimonial: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"

Angelo Metz gives No. 3 a brief workout here. Played through a '62 Deluxe.


Bucky #15 "Bucky"

Willard No,. 4 #16 "Willard No. 4"

Owner testimonial: Bill Tuli: She's here!!!!! .... The neck is fricken amazing.
love how the paint is so layered. It's like a 3D painting..... I love the feel of that neck.
Electronics sound great. I'm going to bring my Champ to work tomorrow for the ultimate crankathon... We began
rehearsals, just basically jamming at SER for next album. Of course I brought W4.
Great sounding ... ! And the neck was smooth as silk. This thing is a tone monster!

STRATS & TELES: A LOVE STORY available on Amazon Kindle


blacksteel #17 "Blacksteel"

Owner testimonial: Dan Streck: "Love the guitar, man! Beautiful guitar. Very happy.
And, Nick called once he'd received notification of delivery to make sure everything arrived safely. Good people."



Charliecaster #18 "Charlie"

Owner testimonial: "Val McCallum: “... amazing! The guitar is perfect !
Plays excellent and sounds ridiculous.”


pj #19 "Custom Order"

Owner testimonial: Peter Jordi: “Hello wrap artist. The eagle has landed. I just received the
beautiful Bunnynose Guitar and loved it from the very beginning ...
Thanks for your craftsmanship and for the secure packaging.... The feel of the material, the haptic, is very
smooth and comfortable, there's no roughness and the look of the guitar is nothing but amazing! Congratulations!
And here's a video of my first contact. Sorry about the mistakes but I had to play on and on...
Thanks for this great instrument. I'm lovin' it!."



mr #20 "Mikey's"

Owner testimonial: Mike Randle: “Nick, the (guitar) kicked major ass at reh yesterday.
It has a fantastic and unique sound and there were no issues. The pickup sounds fab. Thanks again.”

surfgreen#21 "Surfgreen"

Owner testimonial: Mark Fulford: “Nick, Guitar arrived today. Holy shit; the "aging" looks better than any intentional
job I've seen.... I'll let you know once I come down off cloud 9! :rolleyes::cool:” ...
Love the Kleins! I also love the Kluson tuners. Those gears move so effortlessly.
Very happy. You build one damn fine guitar, sir. If you would like to use me as a reference,
or testimonial, I'm in (not that my playing ability would be recognized; ha ha). Cheers. “


red spacer#22 "Red"

hear it played directly into a '62 Vibrolux 1x12. No effects.

Owner testimonial: Tom Dever: "Received the guitar, wow! I love it. Great work, I really appreciate it.All around great guitar !!! Thanks again"


goldmist spacer#23 "Goldmist"

hear it played directly into a '62 Vibrolux 1x12. No effects.

Owner testimonial: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"



clearfork spacer#25 "Clearfork"


The Pete spacer#26 "The Basketcase"

Owner testimonial: Gary Goodlow: "Guitar sounds and plays great, and the pics don't do justice to the beautifully ghastly green :)"



Willard 6spacer#30 "Willard No. 6"
Hippie Dan gives No. 6 a brief workout here.
Owner testimonial: Robert Keeley: "Incredible guitar! Thank You!!"


RKFX rkfx
Robert Keeley


Willard 7spacerspacer#31 "Willard No. 7"
Hippie Dan gives No. 7 a brief workout here.


the mess #32 "The Mess" Custom Order
see the video !




Bitchen #34 "Bitchen"

Owner testimonial: Scott Shipley: "It's one of the best (guitars) I've ever played."


Blacky 3 #35 "Blacky 3"

Owner testimonial: Angelo Metz: Click here




bandw#39 "The Willard Zebra"

Victor Krummenacher playing the Zebra at Campout 2017




willard 10#41 "Willard No. 10"
Listen to Dr. Metz noodle a bit.



Willard 11#42 "Willard No. 11"

Owner testimonial: Don Mare: "Just scored your Art painted "Willard" no. 11 -- it was love at first site long ago - and now its mine! what was the inspration if I may ask? - to me its got Woodstock meets Sublime Liquidness, and looks like it was Alive in 1968 and has faded ... its ART and Original.100% and will stay loved and in the same order it was made..


12#43 "Willard No. 12"



Nancy#48 "Nancy"

Owner testimonial: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"

Blacky IVspacer#49 "Blacky IV"

Owner testimonial: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"


New Y ella#50 "New Yella"





Scott'sspacer#52 "Scott's" Custom order.

Owner testimonial: Scott Christensen: "Sounds and plays great!" Three weeks later: "I am really liking my Bunnynose! Have had an opportunity to play it in a band setting, and man it really growls! ... a bit of a break-in period have really brought out the beast in this beauty."


daphnespacer#53 "Daphne" Listen to Dr. Metz mess around a little.



jr1 #55 "Junior I"

Owner testimonial: "Love the guitar. Nice work." -Mike Coleman


P bass 2#58 "Goldirocks"



Blacky 5#59 "Blacky V"


Pinky#60 "Pinky"

Here's Pinky in her new home in Paris, France:



Ian's Testimonial #1: "Hi. I saw Pinky at McCabe's last week and fell in love.  I brought it home to Paris on
the last flight from LAX before they closed the borders. I'm happy to be quarantined
with this and my girlfriend for 5 weeks!  Thx, China, Macron, and Bunnynose !

Ian's Testimonial #2: "Hi Nick, I hope you don't mind another photo.  I thought the light
looked great in the apartment this morning.  The guitar is so beautiful, it
brings me joy even when I'm not playing it.  I hope you're staying safe and
healthy at this strange time in human history.

paris 2



PollyPolly #61 "Polly" - Featherweight Paulownia body with a Musikraft neck and Don Mare pickups. 5.25 pounds.


Blacky VI#62 "Blacky VI"





buttscotch 2#65 "Buttscotch II"



Three P Oh!#68 "Three P Oh!"


2#69 "Deluxe" Custom order.

Adam's#70 "Adam's Whiteguard" Custom order.

Owner Testimonial: "It's my first non-poly guitar. Incredible how open and resonant a guitar can sound without that thick goop!"



Esquire 2#73 "Mikey's" Custom order.




Greeny 3#78 "Greeny III"

Owner testimonial: "Hi Nick I received the guitar this morning and it's been riding
around with me in my truck all day as I gaze upon its beauty it has exceeded
all my expectations... Can't believe how light it is."

His Reverb testimonial: 5 Stars +
"Tone? Yes. Playability? Yes. Asthetics? Double yes, (yes yes). I want more.
Go check one out. Additionally, the seller called me and worked with
me on the setup. Bonus. Thank you Mr. Bunnynose."

"I forgot to mention how much I like the slightly worn and not reliced feel
of the guitar. It's a nice touch, I think the relicing going on is silly, but this ... just
feel like an old friend. Great work!"
- Mark Bourne


greeny 4#79 "Greeny IV"
Owner testimonial: "Five Stars on Reverb. com"


Surf Puppy#80 "Surfpuppy" (Custom Order)

Owner testimonial: “...Has tons a spank and decent sustain. It has a very free, unfettered sound that I like... I now have a unique, interesting, functional guitar with a sound that has a lot of character. It rounds out my guitar collection, nicely. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project.”

Here's her new owner playing her!



Surfpuppet#83 "Surfpuppet"


Candygirl #94 "Candygirl"

LP2#84 PGK Les Paul II Black w/Throbak Peter Greens Coming Soon




Buy some guitars peoples





Unique pickguards are available for order or custom order. Get yours now !!



cowboy psychrabbit

original photo of Jimi Hendrix

End of the Trail


OR perhaps a wooden pickguard